Latest Azure SQL Database Changes: V12 Preview

Update (18th Dec):  For performance test results, including comparing v11 with v12 Preview, please see the following post.

This is a very brief post since I am currently busy with other things and haven’t had time to test the Azure SQL Database V12 Preview yet.  In short, V12 brings a whole heap of missing “on-prem” edition features to Azure and introduces a new performance level, S3.  All great things.  I am however a little bit confused about the story of the S3 performance level.  I’ve posted a comment on Scott Gu’s blog post:

I am happy to read about the improvements to Azure SQL DB. Excellent news that the on-prem/IAAS vs. PAAS feature gap is closing in a big way. I do have a couple of questions though:
We now seem to have both S3 and P1 at 100 DTUs, but with very different prices, which seems odd. Even though P1 offers numerous other/improved features over Standard Tier, the price difference seems very large given the “DTU” equality.
Further, it is stated that P2 and P3 are getting I/O improvements, but there is no mention of changes to the DTUs to these tiers. If actual performance (i.e. IOPs) is changing, then presumably DTUs should be increased (unless the definition of a DTU itself is changing). I am a bit confused. The story here seems incomplete. Can you help clarify things?

It almost seems as though there might (pure speculation) be some other as-yet unannounced changes to the other existing Standard/Premium service tier performance levels coming to straighten this out (perhaps at the V12 GA?).  Maybe, then again maybe not – the whole DTU story has always been a little bit confusing to me!

Hopefully I’ll get some time to take V12 for a test drive over the next couple of weeks.



  1. Can’t wait for your further insights Chris. Your previous work has been invaluable to us in better understanding the new tiers.

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