Azure SQL DB: Quick Retests of Standard Tier

For a current piece of work, I needed updated information about Standard Tier capabilities in Azure SQL Database, especially raw write capability.  In my main v12 testing in Jan 2015, Microsoft were still adjusting v12 write performance for the Standard Tier.

Therefore, I have done a few quick retests.  Results:

  • S0 write:  24 MB per minute = 0.4 MB per second.
  • S1 write:  36 MB per minute = 0.6 MB per second.
  • S2 write:  48 MB per minute = 0.8 MB per second.

This shows Microsoft have adjusted the performance of S0 to S2 downwards from the performance in Jan 2015.  This is not surprising, since the results in Jan 2015 showed S0 and S1 had roughly equal performance, with S2 significantly more (even higher than S3).

I also ran the memory tests again.  The results reasonably closely matched my earlier tests (i.e. S0 = 500 MB, S1 = 990 MB, S2 = 2.2 GB).

It is worth noting that some blog posts have appeared over the past few months (e.g. here) that talk about using dm_os_performance_counters to obtain memory information.  For standard tier at least, I don’t believe these numbers are what they appear to be.  For example, target server memory using this DMV for both S1 and S2 is 3GB.  The dm_db_resource_stats DMV numbers suggest it is impossible to utilise 3 GB of memory on either an S1 or S2.

(All methodologies in these retests were the same as in the earlier tests).

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